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What is it like to work with us?

We know we can help you connect with your tribe on social media, but don't just take our word for it! Here's a selected collection of testimonials from some of our amazing clients.


Meghan Bonhomme

The Self Care Queen
Lovely Human School

Hailey is my secret weapon.

As a practicing yogi, businesswoman, and lovely human, Hailey knows what it takes to work with other entrepreneurs, especially highly creative soulpreneurs!

Hailey is in tune with my vision, and I never have to worry about what she is posting. It's the best feeling opening up my phone and seeing the notifications of engagement when I haven't even touched a button! Her presence in my business means I can focus on my zone of genius, confidently knowing she's taking care of my people and growing my audience.  Her reliability and flexibility are two of my favourite qualities; I always know she's on top of things and that she's able to go with my creative flow. Often her ideas for growth and engagement are even better than my own! Her commitment and dedication are so appreciated. If you've been worried about letting go of your business-baby and passing the reigns to someone else, Hailey is the human I trust. I am from-the-bottom-of-my-heart grateful to have her on my team!

Hailey’s gift to bring forth my message into the community is truly unmatched.

Her willingness to listen to my needs, goals, and vision for my brand really sets her apart.  Having her on my team releases much of the constraints I have as a small business owner, which directly allows me to provide the service I love to provide.  Her ability to listen to my vision, and to assist me in curating my message is something I am incredibly grateful for.

Thank you Hailey for bringing my purpose into the 21st century!


Dr. Kamaldeep Bansal

Doctor of Chiropractic
Kinstretch Practioner

Karen Hasite

Hailey's Mompreneur

How do you write a testimonial for your own daughter and have it be believable?

The truth is I had no idea Hailey was developing her own unique business model until she said she was going to be a "Soulpreneur". My reaction was "What is that?!" After she explained her business model I was shocked. I hadn't really understood my own daughter's true potential until I was staring right at it - WOW! Hail - you are really on to something! Next she send me a proposal to market and manage AKFIT's Instagram and Facebook. I took one look and said SIGN ME UP! 1 week after Hailey began her take over our Instagram account was on fire! Our customer interaction and engagement were skyrocketing and our sales were increasing as a direct result. When I received my first bill I asked if I got the family discount - Hailey smiled and said..."Actually you paid more by being my mom! Thank you for your support"

I am so proud of you Hailey! Chase your dreams!

As a Business Entrepreneur it is important to have a “Dream Team”!

What is a Dream Team? These are individuals who become part of your team.  They assist you in growing your business in their field their field of expertise. The owner of The Social Soulpreneur, Hailey Hastie is a member of my Dream Team. Hailey’s demonstrated strengths and expertise on the development of our businesses Social Media Platforms, and branding are exceptional. I could not be happier with the delivery of her professional services and development of our brands for Goshenite Seniors Services Inc and the 50+ Lifestyle Magazine.

Thank you, Hailey! We look forward to our continued success and growth in the Social Media world.


Nicole Blais

Goshenite Seniors Services INC.

Glenn Paquette

Atomic Growth
Speedy Networking

The Social Soulpreneur has been absolutely amazing.

They have managed the social media for one of my side projects, which promotes online events, and have knocked it out of the park. If you need serious social media management for your business - these are the experts you want. Hailey is a creative marketing genius and provides tons of value - above and beyond what she charges. Seriously, the team at the Social Soulpreneur are true pros - forget the rest... they are the BEST! Hire The Social Soulpreneur!

Hailey is a force to be reckoned with!

She is creative, organized and definitely passionate about her work. You are in amazing hands when you are working with her. For all of your social media needs, The Social Soulpreneur can definitely help. She is my go-to!


Lisa Bray

Present Simple

Dave Russel

Franchise Owner, Twiggs Coffee Roasters Sudbury

Hailey Hastie from The Social Soulpreneur was an avid Twiggs Sudbury customer when she noticed the potential for growth with our social media. Since The Social Soulpreneur has taken over management of our social media accounts, they have dramatically increased our social following from less than 600 to over 2600 real, engaging followers from the Sudbury area in less than a year. The Social Soulpreneur’s efforts have resulted in daily user-generated content from Twiggs customers and many successful social collaborations with other local companies. Hailey is an energetic, creative, confident and passionate businesswoman whose services are a great asset to any business.

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