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The Social Soulpreneur is a full-service marketing studio and social media agency specializing in content curation, brand development, digital advertising, website development, and social media management.

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Hailey Hastie Sudbury digital marketer headshot

Hailey Hastie

CEO, Chief Marketing Coordinator

Hailey Hastie was born and raised in Sudbury, Ontario by a successful single - mom entrepreneur While most kids were heading to soccer practice or hanging out with their friends after school – Hailey was attending business meetings and events alongside her mom. Growing up in the business world, Hailey developed a strong passion for business at a young age. Her mom instilled in her the importance of supporting local, giving back to the community, and hard work. These experiences, connections, and opportunities have given Hailey the confidence to become the next - generation girl boss she is today. Inspired by her mother, Hailey attended Laurentian University where she obtained a Bachelor of Business Administration degree majoring in Marketing. In 2018, while in her second year of university Hailey begun The Social Soulpreneur as a “ side hustle ” project - offering social media management services to local businesses. In 2019, Hailey was able to incorporate her company and make The Social Soulpreneur her full time career. Upon graduating in 2020 - in the midst of a global pandemic - Hailey hired her first employee of The Social Soulpreneur and opened the doors to their current office Studio space in Sudbury . Since then , The Social Soulpreneur has developed into a full - service Marketing Studio and Social Media Agency serving clients across Canada . Hailey is proud to staff a fully female team of 3 full time employees. In 2021 Hailey was awarded the Bell Business Excellence Young Entrepreneur of the Year award. Hailey’s greatest accomplishment in life came in June of 2022 giving birth alongside her husband to their daughter, Indiana.
Daniela Valle - Sudbury Marketing Strategist, Sudbury Digital Ad Analyst

Daniela Valle

Marketing Strategist, Digital Ad Analyst

Daniela has always shown interest in art, pop culture and business. While in high school, she took as many business and art courses available and started to develop a passion for marketing. Daniela found a way to combine her creative abilities with her love for business and knew that specializing in marketing was a perfect fit for her. In 2017, Daniela attended Laurentian University. Here, she earned a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration with a specialization in Marketing and a minor in Communication Studies. When Daniela met Hailey in her marketing class at Laurentian, they instantly became friends and knew they would work so well together. With the same passions in mind, Daniela and Hailey continue to help each other thrive in business, and in 2020 she joined The Social Soulpreneur. Her favourite thing about working in marketing and social media is the diversity. Every client has a different brand, vision, and goal – allowing her job to be just as unique! Since joining The Social Soulpreneur, Daniela has expanded her skill set and grown as a marketer. Not only does she create engaging content for clients, but she also develops strategic marketing and brand work, manages and creates digital ads, and more! She is very excited to keep helping clients grow their businesses and reach their marketing goals!
Mikayla - Sudbury Social Media Manager

Mikayla Desrosiers

Social Media Manager

The first time Mikayla heard about The Social Soulpreneur, she was in her first year at Cambrian College for Business Administration. After a deep dive into their social media pages, she quickly was intrigued by their motto, their vision, and the company culture. Seeing as this was the first time she heard about working in social media as a career, she knew she had to test the waters out to see if this was the right fit for her. This led to Mikayla applying at TSS for her co-op. During this time, she learnt a considerable amount about marketing, social media, and how truly amazing The Social Soulpreneur team is. Considering that Mikayla is someone who craves creativity in almost anything that she does, as well as someone who loves to help others, this career choice is a dream for her. And she couldn’t be more thankful for how this opportunity worked out. Mikayla went from a confused college student to a full - time employed social media assistant - major glow up. As a member of Team TSS, Mikayla is always working to further her skills and knowledge, and of course coming up with new and creative ways to continue to create meaningful content for clients.
Mackenzie - Graphic Design + Content Creation

Mackenzie Little

Graphic Design + Content Creation

As long as she can remember, Mackenzie has been an enthusiast of all things art. From creating, to simply appreciating, there lies a deep connection to the world of art. She is fascinated by how ever-evolving the design world is, through technology and trends. This makes working at TSS a good fit, as each day is a new endeavour while persistently striving to offer unrivalled quality to clients! Mackenzie is a strong believer that together, design and marketing work can be extremely effective. One of the aspects of the creative industry that intrigues Mackenzie the most is its encompassing nature. Being able to bring creative tools together in order to make an impact, create communication and ignite ideas allows one to stand out in this industry. Utilizing this to create a powerful means of communication that can evoke emotions, convey messages, and inspire change. Mackenzie is currently completing a graphic design program at Yorkville University, specializing in branding and interactive design. She has always been interested in business and the marketing side of things, showing entrepreneurial spirit throughout her life and in different capacities. Additionally a local and small business enthusiast, with a great appreciation for the extra love that handmade has. Creatively cultivating assets of both marketing and design, Mackenzie works towards being versatile and impactful on each project she takes on.
Tabitha - Sudbury photographer for social media

Tabitha Rees

Freelance Photographer

Tabitha Rees is an accomplished photographer based in Northern Ontario. With a passion for capturing authentic moments and emotions, she has developed a unique style that combines fine art and documentary photography. Tabitha specializes in making people feel comfortable behind the lens; with a keen eye for detail and a talent for storytelling, she creates timeless images that evoke the true essence of her subjects. In addition to taking pride in her work with families and businesses, Tabitha’s highlight of her career includes being featured in national campaigns with Levi’s Canada and lululemon. Through her artistry and passion Tabitha aims to inspire others to see the beauty in everyday life. Tabitha has been an avid photographer for 25 years and is well versed in film and digital photography. Between 2004-2006, Tabitha attended photography classes while taking her undergrad in Public Relations. Since then, Tabitha has taken workshops with award winning and renowned photographers Jenna and Aimee Hobbs, Kirsten Lewis Bethmann and Annie Leibovitz.

Karen - Sudbury brand manager

Karen Hastie

Branding & Business Development

My 32 years' experience in owning and operating several different businesses along with my passion for business analysis, branding and selling, is what inspired me to want to help small to mid-size businesses. I offer a much-needed external point of view to various internal business challenges. As an external project manager I can help your business focus on the development process of individual projects, or overall company operations, by developing a business strategy for your company to improve performance and revenue. I can successfully communicate with your target customers and identify their needs; I am able to make sure your team better understands better your company's current brand, or will work collaboratively with you to rebrand your company using my Blow Your Mind Branding Strategies to ensure your brand appeals to your target audience. My 3 decades of selling has allowed me to develop a process called the “Serial Seller”.These unique sales approaches will not only make your salesforce stronger, but will show you how your current sales staff and non-sales staff, service providers, professionals, administrators, and customer service representatives, might be the real reason your company's sales are not growing.

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From start-ups to international brands, to local businesses to franchises – we’ve got the tools to effectively work with them all. We’ve helped clients in industries like mining, retail, finance, food, healthcare, and everywhere in between leverage the power of social media to connect with their audience and communicate their message.

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Lisa Bray

"The Social Soulpreneur has been absolutely amazing. They have managed the social media for one of my side projects, which promotes online events, and have knocked it out of the park. If you need serious social media management for your business - these are the experts you want. Hailey is a creative marketing genius and provides tons of value - above and beyond what she charges. Seriously, the team at the Social Soulpreneur are true pros - forget the rest... they are the BEST!"

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Glen Paquette

"My business Sudbury Sod Father has gone from looking basic/amateur to very professional. I am very happy with Daniella. Im super pumped!!"

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Pierre Paradis

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